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Jigsaw 1

t began with Lockerbie, with the offer to us of a car with a chassis number which encoded all the details of the disaster – aircraft, airline, impact point, time, reason.  And it came on 2nd December 1988.  The Lockerbie disaster at 55o7’N brought the key to the mysterious Code 557, in the fourth week of Advent, just in time for Christmas.  Advent is the time when Christians remember the first coming of Christ and look forward to the Second Coming, associated as it is, with the Last Judgement. 

But I only enquired about the car because an idea came into my head.  It was silly to ask.  There was no way we could afford a new car.  We could barely afford to fill the tank of our old car with petrol.  We were behind with the rent on our farmhouse in the Border hills.  But did I have to ask about the car in order to come to understand?  Was my enquiry about a car very much evidence of the reality of inspiration and Something knowing precisely what was to come?  more...

Jigsaw 2

Next came the disaster for the Muslims, at the Hajj in 1990.  This time, the bits of the jigsaw were given to us over the two weeks before, in a Muslim country, Egypt, at the holiest time of the Muslim year.  It came at the appointed time, 558 days after Lockerbie.  But the Code 558 event had within it an embedded 558, indicating the Source of the Inspiration.   more.......

Then came Code 559, when I used my Coincidence Code theories to calculate the date of the start of the Gulf War. My prophecy, using my hypothesis of the Code progression to 559, proved correct.  The very day that my Code 559 hypothesis was confirmed, 17th January 1991, a letter was sent offering me a job with a firm of consulting engineers.    That new job proved short-lived, but served its purpose in setting into place many threads in the Tapestry Interactive.  In the process, I had made one key contact who was to play a vital role in my new wastewater career in New Zealand, fourteen year later.   The job ended because I refused to allow my engineering reports to be censored. After some months without paid employment, but whilst I continued my psychical and coincidence research, came the offer of a second agency job.   more.......

Jigsaw 3

That job was Environmental Officer responsible, amongst other things, for the management of the sewage works on an RAF base; only the latter name was an illusion, a camouflage.  It was neither RAF nor a base for aircraft.  It was a US spy station, part of the virulent cancer of US military power in Britain.  The base was situated near Bedford, in the very heart of England.  And there, in September 1992, came the pieces of the third prophecy/destiny jigsaw.  One morning as I arrived for work, an articulated lorry was coming out from the camp shops area, Little America, as I called it.  It told on its front the place from which it came – Lockerbie.  Then the Voice said to me ‘Lockerbie comes to America’.  It did – nine years later, almost to the very day, with the attack on the World Trade Centre.

But that truck pulled out onto the A507, the road to the World’s End, and came to the World’s End crossroads.  Thus 9-11 is an important part of Code 507.  The Muslims brought their war with their blood half-brothers, the Jews, to the New World, for New York is the city with the biggest Jewish population outside the Promised Land.  Does not a pattern repeat constitute evidence of a Code?  That pattern repeat came with the fourth jigsaw, also linked very closely with the problems of the Middle East.  Lockerbie Code 557 was a coordinate in space, a map reference linked to Mecca by 558, a coordinate in time.   The World Trade Centre destruction, also, was characterised by a coordinate in space, another map reference, the A507 road from Flitwick to Shefford, via Chicksands.  If 557 is to 558 as 507 is to 508, then 508 should therefore be a coordinate in time.  And so it was to prove.  more.......

Jigsaw 4

The Mecca tunnel disaster came 558 days after Lockerbie.  508 days after 9-11 came the Columbia shuttle disaster.  That 113th Shuttle, Flight STS107, had taken off on the 12th anniversary of the Gulf War (Code 559), with a powerful message from the Bush Administration and NASA of America’s unquestioning support for Israel, however gross the excesses of the latter.  American support is always there, unflagging, whatever the weasel words to justify state terrorism and state murder by the Jewish State.   That first Israeli astronaut was the reason that Columbia became ‘the light of men’ (John 1) in the skies of Texas.  He was a decorated ‘hero’ of the Israeli Air Force.  The foam had ‘bounced off’ dozens of times before, on shuttle take-offs.  This time it caused a fatal wound.  Did it have to be this one? But the darkness comprehended it not.  (John 1).  The major concentration of Shuttle bits came down in East Texas, near a town called Nacogdoches.  Its nearest neighbour is a town called Palestine, on the Trinity River.    more.......

The music on this page is that for the hymn O God of Earth. and Altar  It is very much the case that Our earthly rulers falter, our people drift and die.  The walls of gold entomb us, the swords of scorn divide more and more, as the Gospel of Greed, the tyranny of market forces has gained an ever increasing hold in the world, over the past quarter of a century.  The new breed of Market Traders in London can each be paid tens of millions of pounds annually in salaries and bonuses now 'because they are worth it'.  Corruption and utter decadence were never more evident.

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And those lines in verse 2   could not be more relevant today .... to the War of/on Terror

From all that terror teaches,
From lies of tongue and pen
From all the easy speeches
That comfort cruel men.........

Although written around the year 1900, it could have been penned by G K  Chesterton with Thatcher, Reagan, Bush, Bliar  or Howard in mind, or Sharon or Olmert, or Ahmadinejad or Mugabe, the murderous thugs in Iraq, or any of  the hundreds of other 'leaders'   in so many lands..., not to mention so many journalists, who assist the endeavours of such men with so many lies of tongue and pen.

G K Chesterton's inspired hymn is given here

The midi file for the tune Aurelia is given here

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