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Lux Aeterna
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he music for this page is Veni Emmanuel a 15th century plainsong melody WOV193.    That is another example of Crede Signo perhaps too.

The 13th century author of the original Latin words of this hymn is unknown. The 20th century re- translation given here is by T A Lacey.   O Come O Come Emmanuel  is perhaps the best known of all the Advent hymns and probably the oldest.  Because of the tune, it is certainly one of the most popular.

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The first update of this Voice of God site since 2006 was done on 11th September 2012, to mark the 11th anniversary of 9/11.  That was when I revised the site after it had been down since 6th August 2012, because of the Delete All instruction.  On 9/11/12, The Voice told me it was time to republish VoG with the latest information.   I added the message from the spirit of Osama bin Laden which came to me on 5th September, triggered by some words uttered by the wife of his 'namesake' .......  and an interview with one of the 'mission heroes' promoting his new book.  But then there were so many computer software malfunctions.  The site was finally re-published at  1.44pm  6th October, 2012.
Republished in doomsday rainbow format 5th March, 2015.   Water meter reading 3rd March 2834.22933m3. kWh 33400.   Obelisk shadow pointed to 'the black earth'.  BS28 On 5th March water meter read 2834.5570 and power meter 33455kWh Be Thou My Vision.... Everything is precisely measured by the Ancient of Days, the Sentinel of Eternity, the Creator of Space and Time.


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