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Mohammed Atta's Rendezvous with Rama -

            Code 946 -  The Hammer of God for America

But although I cracked the Chicksands prophecy code almost as soon as the Towers fell in September 2001, I did not crack the intricate code at the heart of the warning  until I came to write The Diagrams of Truth in September 2006.  It was whilst writing that book that I realised the vital message at its very core, was that 9/11 was the Hammer of God for America.  the idea came to me one day when I thought of the registration number of Clipper maid of the seas and how that number appeared in the prophecy code for the Lockerbie air disaster given up on that Montego estate car.  So I went to identify the two aircraft which had caused such devastation in the greatest city in the world is Letterman calls it on that day in 2001.  That idea gave me the key to it all.  The very simple derivation is as follows:

The aircraft which destroyed the two towers of the temple of Mammon, flown by Mohammed Atta on AA11 and Marwan el Shehhi on UA175, were two Boeing 767s. The former was N334AA and the latter N612UA. Any older person modestly competent with a brain, or a young one with a calculator, handy cellphone or computer, will quickly be able to add 334+612 to get 946. You can check the aircraft identities on Wikipedia or various plane spotter sites. Plane spotting is the modern equivalent of my preferred study ferro-equinology, ( for those not versed in Latin - the study of the Iron Horse) -the undeservedly maligned hobby of trainspotting.  It has proved a lot more use to me than golf would ever have been.  But then I was never a smarmy charmer, sorry diplomat.

That key code 946 was contained in the two precisely guided missiles that demolished the Twin Towers.   For  God knew precisely the weakness of those towers, built according to the best principles of market forces, maximum office space at minimum cost and as few exits ( lifeboats) as the law allowed.  It was a repeat of the Titanic disaster for the modern era, another 'Convergence of the Twain'. They fell at precisely the right times.

So, not only did Arthur C. Clarke pick a date that was significant, with 11th September in Rendezvous with Rama, he even managed to forecast the weather correctly.  It was a clear sky on the morning of the 11th of September in the exceptionally beautiful summer of the year 2077. But even more important was the fact that he also managed to pick a third, even more precise element. His time of impact is 09:46 GMT.  Is it just chance that the sum of the  the numbers contained within the actual identities of the two halves of the this man-made Hammer of God for America, the two Boeing 767 jets, N334AA and N612UA add up to 946.  Was that 'meaningful coincidence' intended to be an echo of the Last Judgement?  For in that final moment at life's end,  the truth is most definitely in the summing up of everything in our lives.

But did Arthur C Clarke really pick that time and date?  Or were they chosen for him and the ideas put into his mind? 

Clarke wrote to me shortly after 9/11 in 2001, as we had exchanged letters earlier about coincidences.  He had personally replied to my first letter, even though he explained he did not normally reply to correspondence because he got too much of it.  He just sent an automatic replies but my letter was different, because he was very interested in coincidence, which he too found very meaningful.  In fact his 1993 novel The Hammer of God ends with a chapter about coincidence in connection with asteroid impacts.  He mentioned the coincidence of 11th September  in Rendezvous with Rama.  He had recently been asked why he had chosen that date but he said that after the passage of 28 years he really had no idea.

I knew precisely how he got the idea.  It was put into his mind by the Source, in 1972, the same Source that a dozen years put the idea into my head to made a throwaway comment, words that caused my then wife Margaret to admit her affair.  The end of my marriage actually began my career in paraphysics. Later on, the evidence of design in it all became  overwhelming. The final proof of that original 'inspiration' came 26years later on 17th October, 2010 the very anniversary of that  inspired 'throwaway' comment.  That proof came via another inspired book, Dan Brown's 3rd Symbologist novel.  See Ra and  The Lost Symbol

The Source is concerned with truth.  The Source wanted me to know about my wife's affair.  Her betrayal was to prove a key element in re-shaping my future.   And the Source wanted Arthur C Clarke to tell the truth, predict the future in coded form, in his novel Rendezvous with Rama, published in 1973.    It was just as Morgan Robertson had been given the truth about the future when he wrote his novel Futility in 1898.  He described with uncanny accuracy, the loss of the Titanic 14 years in the future.  He  was  particularly accurate with regard to the cause of the high death toll on the Titanic.  The Titanic complied with the Board of Trade Regulations of 1893 but of course the Titanic was a far bigger ship the ships of 1893.  So the Titanic fitted precisely with what Morgan Robertson had foreseen in his novel.  The Titan, his fictional ship in Futility had 'as few lifeboats as the law allowed', exactly as on  the Titanic, but far too few for all the people on board..

Do these strange precise coincidences not suggest that Arthur C Clarke was inspired by God as he began that novel circa 1972, and that God was indicating in advance that He knew the precise details of the End of the Twin Towers before the buildings were even finished?  Ground breaking for the World trade Centre took place on 5th August, 1966.  No 1 WTC was ready for tenants in late 1970 but the upper floors were not completed until late 1972.  No. 2 WTC was finished in 1973.  The official dedication took place on 4th April, 1973.  Clarke's novel Rendezvous with Rama was published in 1973.

For more see the Inspiration of Arthur C Clarke

But as time has past Code 946 has appeared in further disasters, most notably in The Hammer of God for New Zealand... the Christchurch earthquakes...  See also The Threads of 946.  29th July, 2013)

As I was updating this site on 11th September 2012, (the computer screen now indicates. 22:22), I came across this page whilst looking for the quotation from s9v11 of the Koran.   I noticed the date of the official dedication of the Twin Towers on 4th April 73.  Much has happened in the six years since I wrote this page.  As I typed the interconnections that have transpired over the six years became ever more clear..... see Destiny and the Twin Towers

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