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The Diagrams of Truth - A Summary of Key Elements of This Book

The Real Point of Psychical Research - Does God Exist?

One night in December 1869, two Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge were walking in the Fellows’ Garden. They were discussing their common problem. They could no longer accept the literal truth of the Bible. (See also Biblical Errors)   What were the implications for the existence of God? Philosophy had failed to answer the question, ‘Does God Exist?’ Science was rapidly demolishing much of the ‘truth’ of the Bible and casting ever greater doubt. But looking up at the stars, they found it hard to believe that the Universe was just some great soulless machine. Could the answer to the quandary lie in a subject at first glance far removed from the stars?

Both men were deeply interested in psychical research, in particular communication from external entities that appeared to be the spirits of people who had died. Could this be an alternative pointer to the ultimate religious truth, to the very existence of God? ( For more on my later research into spiritualism after Jenny's death see Carolyn the medium who could.  Our later experiences involving the inter-connected crashes of four Airbuses (2008-9), all prophetically signalled in advance,  fully confirms all the ideas put forward in The Diagrams of Truth.  See Balanced Observations. )

The answer was to be in the affirmative, but not in their lifetimes. In 1882, those two Fellows of Trinity, Frederick Myers and Professor Sidgwick, together with a third, Edmund Gurney, set up the Society for Psychical Research. Over the next fifty years, the SPR heard many papers on the subjects of ghosts and spirits, their communications and apparent appearances.

The study was put on an ‘academic footing’ by J. B. Rhine at the University of North Carolina, who established a Department of Parapsychology. But progress in that laboratory and elsewhere was singularly limited so that 70 years later, Professor Archie Roy, at the 29th SPR International Conference in Bath in 2005, was able to ask what progress had been made in the 70 years which had elapsed since the Myers ‘Cross-Correspondences’.

The answer was ‘precious little’. This was for two reasons. First there is the basic nature of psychical phenomena and their inaccessibility for direct scientific study. The second is the determination of the ‘scientists’ to study the paranormal on their own terms. The trouble is that parapsychology is a dead end. Psychical research is an offshoot, not of psychology, but of physics or religion; one of these is a real science, the other the oldest subject ever taught in a university, in contrast to the pseudo-science of psychology.

Real progress in the study of the phenomena of the paranormal can never be found in laboratories, never ascertained through telemetry trials, however grand the academic credentials, however state-of-the-art the latest computer technology.

The proponents of such work are the modern phlogistonists. They are determined that everything comes from within the mind of man. The subjects transmit and receive…… But that is not the case, even though it looks good in TV dramas like BBC Scotland’s Sea of Souls. The reality is that the truth lies outside the mind, much like oxygen was ‘outside’ the material which was burning. The combustion was not due to internal ‘phlogiston’, despite all the ingenious attempts to explain away evidence that didn’t fit.

Likewise, the phenomena of the paranormal have their reality outside the human mind, in the reality of the spirits of the dead, of God and of something else. I have worked as a scientist in the field of paranormal research for twenty-two years. I have made progress because I realised early on that it was important to keep records - in essence, to write up the experiment as I went along.

The main thing to recognise was that I did not control the experiment. So, if the skeptics are to be believed, ‘chance’ controlled it. But, as the coherence of the results is absolutely staggering, a more rational explanation is that some external Source of active Intelligence controlled it. For want of a better word, that Source of active Intelligence is best termed God.

Proof of Prophecy External Design in Disaster through Apparent Coincidence
That Source of Intelligence has indicates sometimes an accurate knowledge of future events, at other times an ability to orchestrate events with uncanny precision. There is evidence of this Intelligence interacting with the minds of men over centuries, indeed millennia.

All these different aspects are examined in a new book which summarises some of the evidence which proves that Myers and Sidgwick were right. At the heart of this book are four significant events in recent world history. It is not without significance that three of these were disasters for the USA, the other a disaster for the Muslim world. In fact, the first disaster is a joint British-US disaster, rather like the present War in Iraq, of which the fourth disaster warned so clearly, in February 2003, before the invasion was launched.

These four events are the Lockerbie air disaster, the Mecca tunnel disaster, the World Trade Centre attack and the Columbia Shuttle disaster. All four events were indicated to us before they happened, the prophecies varying between 19 days and 9 years beforehand. The events were indicated to us through Codes which came to us almost as bits of a jigsaw. It was as though Something was saying “I have the complete picture. These bits are the proof. It is all you need to know. When these things come to pass, you will know I speak the truth.”

Bits of the jigsaws of these four events were given to us in advance. When the disasters happened, we understood. But as well as the bits of the individual jigsaws, there were Code progression elements connecting them, powerful evidence of coherent design.

More details of the Prophecy Jigsaws can be found at The Four Jigsaws
For a simplified version of the First Diagram of Truth - The First Diagram

In ancient times, wiser men saw warnings in omens. The question is, ‘Who do you trust to read the signs?’ Do you consult the 0900 psychics? You pay a fortune, so it must be ‘true’. But beware of a ‘profession’ noted for having rather less morality than prostitutes? Do you go to expensive ‘as seen on TV’ mediums? Or do you seek to learn to read the modern hieroglyphs for yourself? For, make no mistake, meaningful coincidence is a modern form of sacred writing. Disasters are the cartouches and the World Trade Centre attack is the Rosetta Stone.

It was over five days in September 2006 that I finally made a vital link. The WTC attack was the ‘Hammer of God’ for America….. The message was so clear, tying in to so many elements of the inspiration of Arthur C. Clarke, for instance. It is clear that the expertly guided missiles piloted by Mohamed Atta (AA Flight 11) and Marwan el Shehhi (AA Flight 175) came at the appointed time to the appointed place, according to the Chicksands Prophecy of September 1992.

I came to understand this over the course of five days, 4th - 9th September 2006. Final proof of my theories came on 11th September in the skies of New Zealand and on 12th September, both in the skies of New Zealand and on the TV news programmes recounting the events in New York on 9-11.

Much has happened during the five weeks I spent writing and producing this book, much of it evidence of contemporaneous, synchronous interaction. One of the most significant instances was how an American chain email sent to ‘help the troops in Iraq’ helped me to discover a quote from the Koran to support my work. Koran 9,11 has the following words:

(Thus) do We explain the Signs
In detail, for those who understand.

This book considers evidence of God’s inspiration in connection with various hymn writers. There is evidence, much evidence for the existence of God. An article in Time magazine (13th November 2006) was brought to my attention in a local supermarket - Countdown, rather appropriately. Richard Dawkins was quoted in a joint interview with Frances Collins. Perhaps surprisingly, I found myself closer to the arguments of the arch-skeptic rather than the man of faith. For the latter scientist, in the end, abandoned logic and took on the garb of priest, not scientist.

Dawkins in the end admitted, “There could be something incredibly grand and incomprehensible and beyond our present understanding…..(that is), but not Yahweh (or) the god Jesus.” And that is my conclusion too. God is neither Jehovah nor Jesus. The One lies in a region bounded by the religions of Christianity, Islam and Spiritualism, all shorn of their rituals. The reasons for my conclusions are briefly set down in this book, together with the reason why Americans, in particular, have much to fear for the future.

Remember Katrina came spot on time, bang on cue, Year 229 of American existence as Week 7 drew to its close. 229,7 is the precise Code number for the End of the World. The flooding of New Orleans was a reminder to one of the two most arrogant nations on the planet of what happened to an earlier technologically advanced but highly decadent society.

Dan Brown has been much vilified for his novels. The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons both put forward the idea of scientific or religious truth being conveyed through codes and symbols, comprehended by those who had learned to read the code. The messages are hidden in plain view, for all to see, but only for few to comprehend, which is the way of the best codes.

Although his religious truths concerning Christ and Mary Magdalen are at least as erroneous as those of the Church of Rome, he has at least made millions of readers familiar with the concepts. Unfortunately, instead of recognising the concepts for what they are, most readers will remember only his ‘truths’ which are false, thanks in very large measure to the influence of his feminist wife.

Inadvertently, Dan Brown has woven many key elements into his two ‘symbologist’ novels. But it is almost a case of the novelist being a character in a story penned by a greater hand, an artist in his own painting, a computer gamer in his own computer game, like in the film XistenZ.   existenNZ would be how it would have been marketed in New Zealand. It is what passes for life for so many in New Zealand, thanks to the gospel of market forces and the ‘unique culture’.

Judgement on Death from the Lowest to the Highest
Important coincidence messages came with the funeral of the New Zealand Maori Queen in August 2006. The signs came so strongly on a railway engine. But then, so have so many of my other psychic revelations. Perhaps I had to be a trainspotter, not a culturally safe, networking golfer, with desires for success and social acceptability. The trainspotting links are just powerful evidence of design and destiny, over forty-seven years of my life. That’s why one of our books, Predestination abc or A-Z, takes the railway theme right through over 54 years from 1958 to 2012.

On 21st August 2006, a railway engine carried the sign, the real sign that the Maori Queen had gone to God’s Judgement….. The Maori reporters interpreted the signs they wanted, like so many omen interpreters, past and present; the cloud on the mountain was the ‘spirits gathering to meet the queen’. Of course, the mist on the Waikato in the winter is there on the mountain most days, more often than not, at least when it is not actually raining. So, it wasn’t much of a unique sign to ‘interpret’. In contrast, the sign I interpreted was unique, a one-off, specifically on that day, for that event.

The ancient Egyptians were close to the truth in their beliefs. They showed the human-headed bird, the soul, leaving the body at the moment of death. In our older, richer language, before PC-speak and ‘txtspk’ became the norm, men spoke of ‘giving up the ghost’ as meaning died… In so many ways, the old ways are so much closer to the truth than is the shiny, new, PC multiculturalism, accommodating all, causing offence to none. For ultimately, the end of that road is a sterile consensus culture devoid of any truth. The beautiful, individual colours of the spectrum become a dirty grey-grown when mixed.

The Maori TV reporter exhibited her ignorance concerning the process of death. The Queen’s spirit had gone six days earlier, when she died. It was only her body that was buried on the mountain. The sign on the railway engine indicated where her spirit had gone, to God’s Judgement. It was indeed the End of the World for her. But you can only understand the hieroglyphs if you’ve bothered to learn to read. The message was clear. High or low, God’s Judgement awaits all.

At the very end of this book, an experience in our private chapel gave a powerful reminder of the Egyptian portrayal of the spirit. The connections were particularly strong with respect to one particular Egyptian, Mohamed Atta, the pilot of AA11. (I see AA11 - 1111 - Lest we forget - Judge of the Nations - 6.32 pm 1119) The inference was clear. Contrary to the wishes of various ‘smart’ American websites, he did not go to Hell. He went to the Light, to God’s Judgement and ultimately to Heaven. He was helped and inspired, just as was Jim Irwin on the Moon in 1971.

If you want to know the details of why I conclude as I do, read the book. I do NOT concur with his method, but at least his heart was in the right place, which is more than can be said for the Dear Leader in the land of the ‘free’ and the home of the ‘brave’.

What a coincidence we have Bush the Father, Bush the Son and Bush the Unholy spirit of 666, market forces in all its glory, now corrupting the entire planet in its End Times…… 10.54.17. What an Unholy Trinity! And there is the other Unholy Trinity, that of Bush, Blair and Sharon, now with substitute Olmert. But nothing changes. What a triumph for right we have there - an oilman and two ‘honest lawyers’ - if you believe in such mythical creatures. They went into politics because they were so concerned for right and wrong. Right? - Wrong!

Bush believes he is doing the will of his ‘Higher Father’. He is just not quite sure who this ‘Higher Father’ is. Perhaps Hugo Chavez was pretty close to the mark. As for Bliar, ‘God will be my judge on Iraq,’ he declared - by coincidence, on a TV interview on the night I arrived back in England in March 2006. The signs that night indicated that there were other matters in addition, where God would be his judge - such as the assassination of Princess Diana….. But those elements are part of other books.

Our book Fragments of an Outer Mind is, in essence, a summary proof that Myers and Sidgwick were on the right track in Advent 1869. It is just a pity that the academic world, since, has gone off down a colliery siding! 11.01.54.

Towards the end of his life, Frederick Myers wrote an autobiography. It was privately published posthumously. Its title was Fragments of an Inner Mind. As I searched for a title for this book as I laboured to bring it to completion, the words came ‘Fragments of an Outer Mind’. “Brilliant,” I thought. “God is the Outer Mind. The fragments are the bits of the jigsaw.”

But Jenny thought differently when I told her the new title. The fragments she saw were those of Comet Shoemaker-Levy-9 heading for Jupiter. That event is discussed at length in Fragments. The coming of the title was just an element in the new ‘Cross-Correspondences’. 11.05.07

Beneath the shadow of Thy throne
Thy saints have dwelt secure
Sufficient is Thine arm alone
And our defence is sure

A thousand ages in Thy sight
Are like an evening gone
Short as the watch that ends the night
Before the rising sun

11.10.11 These words came to me. I photographed it at 11.11.11 - The Voice of God.
18th November 2006

The tune for this page is St Anne. The above verse is from the hymn O God Our Help in Ages Past which is given  in full here.

God in Three Persons..... Blessed Trinity

On 28th October, I went down to the chapel library to put away some books which had been part of the clutter in the lounge for some while.  Putting three Arthur C. Clarke novels on top of Rendezvous with Rama in that section of the library, I turned back to retrace my steps and caught sight of a rather garishly coloured book on the floor.  It was beside my desk, partly hidden beside another pile of books and papers.  I stooped down to pick it up.  The cover was a layered pink and lime green. Its title was The Founders of Psychical Research by Alan Gould.  It was an ex-library copy, with a rather battered cover.  Opening it, I discovered that we had found it on 15th December 1998 at the Dead Poets bookshop in Balmoral, Auckland.  I began to read the inside flyleaf.  I was quite taken aback.  ‘The Founders of Psychical Research.  Here is a scholarly examination of the lives, characters and work of three close friends, Henry Sidgwick, F.W.H. Myers and Edmund Gurney, all Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge, in the late nineteenth century.’

I had completely forgotten this book.  I had last read bits of it in 1999 as various annotations later showed me.   It was a curious moment for it to be drawn to my attention as, only a week before, I had written A Walk Beneath the Stars – Part I of this paper, specifically drawing the links between the results of my psychical research and the hopes of Myers and Sidgwick in 1869.

                I looked at my watch after reading that sentence on the fly leaf.  The time was 7.06 pm.  “Good God!” I thought.  “Crede signo! – Believe in the Sign.”  I dashed down to Hut 3 to get my camera.  I felt I had to photograph the time of 7.06 on my watch with the book cover.  It was such an incredible juxtaposition in time and space, the book and the watch.  I grabbed my camera from Hut 3 and went out into the garden.  I felt the photo should be in the sun, but the setting sun was by now low in the sky.  Hut 3 now cast a long shadow down almost the whole garden.   Outside the door of Hut 3, I just photographed the watch on the book cover in the shadow to get at least one image of the juxtaposition of time and space.

                Then I saw that there was still sun at the top of the garden, on the third part of our library complex.  Rushing up the garden, hastily I held up the watch and the book and clicked the shutter, hoping for the best.  It was probably too late.  Then, when I checked the image, I realised it was not too late.  It was absolutely spot-on.  For the time of the sun-illuminated image is 7.06.58.  That, in the A & Ω Codes, means Crede Signo – Alpha and Omega.  It was an incredibly precise confirmation of my thesis.  Feeling quite overwhelmed, I went back into the chapel.

I sat down in the armchair and began to look through the book.  I discovered that the book, published in 1968, had been acquired by Canterbury Public Library in the South Island of New Zealand on 17th October 1969.  I was immediately struck by the strange coincidence of the date.  There were two components, each linking separately to the two separate branches of my own research career.  17th October 1984 was the effective date my psychical research career began, with my ‘chance’ throwaway comment to my first wife, which prompted her confession of her unfaithfulness.  But October 1969 was the date my career as a research scientist had begun.  That was when I began my research for my doctorate at Oxford in chemical physics, photo-electron spectroscopy, to be precise.  I had been confused as I first wrote Part II of my BA, but then, as I realised it was actually the start of my D.Phil, an intense flood of realisation coursed through me.  9.44.35

And the Canterbury link, too, was significant for its connections, at least in name, to the heart of the Church of England.  So the book was connecting the two halves of my research career, psychical research and chemical physics, with the psychical research of Myers, Sidgwick and Gurney and the Church of England.  They had been forced to cease being communicating members of the Church of England, as they could no longer accept the literal truth of its doctrines.  They hoped psychical research could lead to a more rational basis for belief in God.

                I glanced through the contents and turned over to the Preface.  The first sentence produced another incredible connection.  ‘Although this study centres on the life and work of three persons….’  As I read these words, immediately the words of Heber’s hymn came into my mind, along with the tune,

‘God in three persons, blessed Trinity’Music

The full hymn  Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty  is given here

 Of course!  Trinity College, Cambridge.  The full sentence read ‘Although this study centres on the life and work of three persons – Henry Sidgwick, Edmund Gurney and Frederick Myers – who were prominent in the Society for Psychical Research ( the ‘SPR’) during its early years, it is not a history of that society.’ 

                The whole sequence was absolutely uncanny!  How many orders of coincidence was all that?  Here were Sidgwick, Myers and Gurney being linked in very precisely to Coincidence Codes in the light of Ra and to an interesting reworking of the theme of the Holy Trinity, implying quite clearly that both their research and mine was indeed furthering understanding about God and His interaction with this world and the next.

                But there was still more.  Later I looked back at that sunlit image to check where exactly I had photographed it.  You can just see a few of the flowers, the white pendants of the angel trumpet tree on the one side and the oranges on the other.  I repeated the shot from a wider angle, but with the sun long set, symbolising the darkness of this world, where the Light of God is not now to be found.

                The angel trumpet tree was such a powerful symbol for the voices of the spirits of the dead who have been sent to help us in our quest.  That tree has figured prominently in our coincidences before, especially on the morning of the Kashmir earthquake on 8th October 2005.           

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And so it goes on…. That was on the evening of Friday, 28th October.  I had intended to go and get a few things in the town on Saturday, computer disks and chlorine tablets.  I didn’t go, though, until Sunday.  Even then I was delayed until mid afternoon.  At Papakura Station, the convergence of the series 557, 558 with 507, 508, at 15.58, was brought about by my observation of the lead DMU car on a train waiting in the station.  Its number linked to the Period of War.  And for the first time since Durham Station in 1985, there was to be a magpie sign linked to a railway station.  It was a very clear Code repeat.  Then 7, it was now 1 – one for sorrow.   



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