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The Events Which Led Up to My  Encounter With the Spirit of Osama bin Laden

N the night of 5th September 2012, I was busy trying to improve The Airbus Codes page describing the experience which Jenny and I had in February 2007 of two intricately  cross- connected but highly significant visions relating to the Australian bush fires of February, 2009.  As I worked on these improvements to the page, trying to make it more visual, I came across so many highly significant coincidences.  One particular one was the understanding of what really lay behind the inclusion of an Airbus into the third of the Judgement Pictures.  Airbus Number 1 was Perpignan, Airbus Number 2 was  New York and the fires in Victoria linked  not to just any old third Airbus.  That was how I had seen it at the time in February, 2009, just something equivalent to Terence Cuneo's mouse in each of his railway paintings.  But I had been wrong.  But I discovered the truth at the time I was meant to.

That night, 5th September,  I realised that the Airbus that had appeared in my vision was very much a 'Chosen One'  It was a very specific Airbus owned by an airline which flew holiday flights almost exclusively to Egypt.  It was thus repeating the theme of the first two Airbus crashes which was that there is Judgement on death for all. 

For it was in Ancient Egypt that the concept of Judgement on death was first found in mankind's history.  It took me quite a long time to re-produce our visions, an attempt to portray to other people the fleeting images which came into my mind into Jenny's mind but which also convey a very deep message for the world at large.  See Kinglake Visions on our Airbus Codes site.

So it was towards 11 o'clock by the time I went in to make a cup of tea.  I  flicked on the trlevision just as the late evening news was drawing to a close.  By then, they got through all the tedious New Zealand stuff about who has been in court and who has been killed in a car crash or what some 'personality' or 'sportsman' or other has done or hasn't done.  Towards the end of the programme there is a short section about what has been happening in the rest of the world, 'offshore' as they call  it.  There was Michelle Obama setting the scene for  the triumphal entry of her husband, the current President of the United States.  I heard her say something which struck me as rather wishful thinking.  These were her words.  "Being President does not change who you are, it reveals who you are."

On hearing those words, I thought that that means either Obama's election campaign in 2008 was a fraud, if indeed the Presidency has not changed who he is, merely revealed it,  or she is wrong.  For all the high hopes with which Obama came to power, the easy words of the silver-tongued lawyer which got him the Nobel Peace Prize have come to naught.  It is a good job they gave it him before he did anything because he certainly would not have got it now, because he still hasn't done anything to merit the award.  That is unless you get one for high-profile political assassinations. I  suppose it is 'peace' of a sort. But there might be quite a queue before him if that were the case, with Israelis at the front.  Obama has been able to achieve virtually nothing in the four years he has been in office.  He has proved to be George Bush-lite with Healthcare added. The Republicans haven't helped, doing their usual best to destroy society for the working man...  The American economy is on its knees, just like the British one and for not dissimilar reasons.... 

Then after the fairly short Michelle Obama item, came a much longer item about a new book which had just been published written by one of the Navy Seal 'heroes' who actually took part in the operation to assassinate bin Laden.  That item, lasted over 5 min, an astonishingly long time for foreign news item in New Zealand.  Just as it drew to a close I became aware of a voice linking into my mind.  I was very surprised to discover that it was the spirit of Osama bin Laden.  For his words see The 11th Anniversary message from Osama bin Laden

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The first update of this Voice of God site since 2006 was done on 11th September 2012, to mark the 11th anniversary of 9/11.  That was when I revised the site after it had been down since 6th August 2012, because of the Delete All instruction.  On 9/11/12, The Voice told me it was time to republish VoG with the latest information.   I added the message from the spirit of Osama bin Laden which came to me on 5th September, triggered by some words uttered by the wife of his 'namesake' .......  and an interview with one of the 'mission heroes' promoting his new book.  But then there were so many computer software malfunctions.  The site was finally re-published at  1.44pm  6th October, 2012.
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