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Inspiration and Herbert Howells

was William Cowper’s hymn God Moves in a Mysterious Way, His Wonders to Perform. That is now the hymn for The Four Jigsaws. I had just finished voicing Hushed was the Evening Hymn for the 558 Mecca Prophecy page and explaining why it was used, when Jenny came down and said “I’ve found your Twin Towers hymn…. ( She meant the the hymn I was meant to use for the page I was working on)  Tower and Temple fall to dust…”
“Good heavens,” was my reply. "How appropriate".
“It’s your King’s College hymn,” Jenny added.
Of course! I saw that immediately when I looked at the hymn in the Songs of Praise Melody Edition she gave me.

Earlier she had asked me where there was a Bible and I showed her one in the lounge – under a pile, of course! She read parts of Psalm 91 which have always meant a lot to her:

v.4. He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust : his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.  ( I later used it in her funeral service See Jenny's death.)

Then she read on. As she read, I thought how the Psalms are so convoluted. Few are succinct.
“It is the hymns which convey the ideas so much more clearly for me, especially when set to an inspired tune,” was my comment.

Many of the hymns are written around a verse of the Psalms, or other verses in the New or the Old Testaments. Almost invariably, the hymn has the greater power. The ‘translation’ is better than the original because of the power of God’s inspiration.

“Isn’t there a psalm with dust in it?” Jenny had asked me earlier that afternoon.

“I don’t know,” I said, wondering whether Cruden would come up with anything. (1737-1736 – George II - Red Indian charade – Southwark Cathedral and Queen Elizabeth II) But for some reason I did not pursue Cruden but went back down to work on the website. And it was not long afterwards that Jenny came down to tell me of her incredibly significant ‘dust’ find.

How was it I never registered the significance of those words, not even when I first sang them in the chapel of King’s College, Cambridge on 5th October 2003? Even a few days ago when I included the first verse of that hymn at the end of my book Fragments of an Outer Mind, that second verse had not registered with me.  But was it another example of Frederick Myers’ cross-correspondences? I had seen the powerful significance to me of verse 1 that night in King's College Chapel and felt quite overwhelmed by its incredible relevance.  Now Jenny had seen the significance of verse 2. I am absolutely certain that both of us had seen what God intended at the times appointed. It was the first verse that had been the subject of my writing…..Me through change and chance He guideth – coincidence! God unknown…..the subtle little signs that He is there….

But verse 2 was also so incredibly significant:

Pride of man and earthly glory,
Sword and crown betray his trust;
What with care and toil he buildeth,
Tower and temple, fall to dust,
But God’s power,
Hour by hour,
Is my temple and my tower.

Doesn’t that say it all about 911 ?

These words are based on the words of Joachim Neander from 1679, as translated from the German into English by Robert Bridges in 1899. That particular year seems to  have been a very significant year in connection with my coincidence research, especially in my brief period lecturing in the Continuing Education Department at the University of Auckland.

The original tune, now called Meine Hoffnung, is the tune to which the 9-11 Prophecy page is set. Joachim Neander wrote this tune, as well as the original German version of this hymn. I have not yet been able to locate the original version in German. It first appeared in his hymn book Alpha and Omega of 1680, although that is not the tune to which I sang Robert Bridges’ English translation in Kings’ Collage Chapel in 2003. Nor indeed is it the tune to which it has been generally sung for the last 50 years. Meine Hoffnung is the only tune given in the 1926 Songs of Praise, but the 1977 Australian Combined Churches Hymn Book, With One Voice (WOV) gives two tunes, the second of which is more common today, Michael, by Herbert Howells.  The hymn All My Hope in God is Founded is here set to Michael

Pride of man and earthly glory,
Sword and crown betray his trust.

Pride of man and earthly glory sums up Bush and Bliar so very well. But, since 1680, the tools of domination have changed a little.  For swords, read bullets, bombs and hellfire missiles, computers, media mind control and continuous surveillance. For crown, read the ‘democratic’ leaders of the ‘free world’, men like Bush, Bliar and Howard. The Crowns of today are merely figureheads – finery, pageantry, but with no substance. That is the mark Queen Elizabeth II has really left on the monarchy, together with the trials and tribulations of the pathetic line of kings as it stands today. They are all as wedded to lies and deceit as any politicians, just more ‘hollow men’.  She has long forgotten that 1939 Christmas broadcast by her father, a good and honest man, misled on occasions by his ever smiling, but vicious and devious wife.  King  George VI the last Emperor, quoted from a poem.  It was another example of God's inspiration, and also of meaningful coincidence. The King reminded the Empire in those early months of the second world war..

Hold to the Hand of God
That shall be to you better than light
And safer than a known way. 

Incidentally it was a coincidence involving my finding a book linking to that poem in a Bedford charity shop later that afternoon that convinced me that I had to take that Chicksands job despite my dislike for all things military.

But things are very different now.  Bush II spouts empty words calling down God's blessings on America. The next two lines indicate that these were the blessings that nation deserved. They are reason why this hymn tune has been chosen to accompany this page.

What with care and toil he buildeth,
Tower and temple, fall to dust

What more graphic example could there be of a tower falling to dust than the collapse of the North Tower of the World Trade Centre, as the dust cloud enveloped the hub of the financial ‘free’ world?

Tower Number 2 fell at precisely the time appointed, to fulfil the Chicksands prophecy in both time and space. It showed, without a shadow of doubt, that Mohamed Atta hit the appointed place, at the appointed height, at the appointed time. The Great Architect of the Universe knew precisely how long the ‘Fawlty Tower’ would stand from the moment of impact – 102 minutes. The cloud of dust and death rolled out across Manhattan, also at the appointed time and from the appointed place.

And so it came to pass; the nine year old prophecy had been thus fulfilled…. For the details, including all the coincidences that happened around this year's fifth anniversary of 911, read our book, Fragments of an Outer Mind. It proves everything I say.  A synopsis is given on this site at Fragments of an Outer Mind. And only in the last few days have I seen another strong prophecy link in the events of those days in September 1992. That comprehension came through the words of another hymn….. That will all be included in another book, still in progress, The Enigmas of 9-1-1.

I had difficulty finding a MIDI file for Herbert Howell’s tune Michael on the internet.  MIDI files are very small indeed, ideal for fast loading on internet dial-up accounts, in contrast to the large iPod MP3 pop files. Most hymns and their tunes can be easily found on the hundreds of Christian sites. However, as many of the sites are American, some well known hymns are often set to the ‘wrong tunes’ or do not appear at all. Even if the tune is the normal tune used in English churches, it tends not be voiced in a very inspiring manner. New jazzed-up versions are of course available too. Very rarely, indeed, are the hymns midi files voiced with an organ. I have tried to improve them, - at least a little. Doubtless a good musician could do far better, but we do not have access to such help, nor the time to do better ourselves.

Our own personal experiences suggest that church musicians of today have little or no interest in God or the niceties of religious belief. The music is there for its own sake. Early in December 2002, at a choir practice at Mt. Albert Methodist Church, the PC Methodist priestess came up to the choirmaster with an instruction. She wanted the words of a carol changed so as not to be racially offensive. The ‘racially prejudiced’ words were ….All in white shall wait around. How offensive can you get?

Incidentally, those offensive words are from the carol, Once in Royal David’s City, which has begun the services of Nine Lessons and Carols from King’s College, Cambridge since 1918. The very last lines are:

When like stars his children crowned
All in white shall wait around.

What an illuminating coincidence that particular exchange was, linking first and last, Alpha and Omega, the truth through coincidence.

At the end of the choir practice, I expressed my disagreement to the Choirmaster. I well remember his reply. His ‘cop-out’ words to me were, “The words don’t matter, Brian, only the notes.” I reminded him that St. John’s Gospel begins, In the beginning was the Word…… not, In the beginning was the note….

[That was not the only occasion that meaningful coincidence illuminated the distorted theology of this particular priestess.  Another of her mistakes a few months later provided a most interesting example of 557 and Prophecy and the hand of God in a 'modern' church service.  That was the last service we ever attended at that church.  We had seen what God intended us to see.]

But some church musicians in the past have been concerned with both words and notes. One such was Herbert Howells. He had composed church music for both Anglican and Catholic choirs. Some of his early secular music was received rather critically, which reduced his output for a while.

Then a personal tragedy changed his work and his life. His son, Michael, died aged 9, after a very short illness. Polio claimed his young life, after a three day fight in September 1935. Howells must have found comfort in the words of this hymn, because he was inspired to write a new tune for it. I think it was Verse 1 that spoke to him in 1936, as it spoke to me at King’s College, Cambridge in 2003. For it was at King’s College that I first sang the hymn, and Herbert Howells had close associations both with King’s and his old Cambridge college of St. John’s.

Perhaps that particular hymn gave Herbert Howells some comfort as he struggled to find a meaning in the death of his son. He loved the cathedrals and the music, but in the midst of it all, his beloved son was taken from him so swiftly. He was cutting grass on the afternoon of 3rd September, became ill that night, worsened on the 4th, and was taken to London on The Cheltenham Flyer on the 5th. A little over 24 hours later, at 10 pm on 6th September, he was dead. I found this information last night on a Lincolnshire Post-Polio website. It was posted because of its polio connection.

Herbert Howells was much troubled with doubt. One day in the dining room, he said to his daughter, Ursula, “I don’t believe there is anything.” He was referring to the existence of God. His main work just after Michael’s death was Hymnus Paradisi, but this was not performed until 15 years had elapsed.

However, it was his tune for this hymn which was brought to my attention, and that one particular verse. It echoes so clearly to me the mystery which is God, which surrounds God, and which is of God. This stands in stark contrast to the Question & Answer ‘god; of Walsch. And if ever I heard an organ that was the Voice of God, it was the organ of King’s College, Cambridge. Its power and its clarity quite overwhelmed me during that service. My other abiding memory of that service was of all the tourists around me who didn’t sing the hymns, despite their being given service sheets. At the end of the service, after the tourists had all gone, I sat alone in the semi-darkness, looking at the Old Master painting illuminated with a spot light behind the altar.

The mystery of God is a theme which occurred repeatedly in the days when I was drawing my book Fragments of an Outer Mind to its conclusion. The last thing I had done was to add the link of All My Hope on God is Founded……because of a conjunction of dates. The conjunction was repeated this morning, 24th November, albeit differently. And now I see another link in the word’ Fragments’, linking to bookbinding. As I edit this, I am reminded of The Broken Pieces. It was the standard sewn book exercise for the bookbinding course I did at the Auckland Institute of Technology in January 1998. That was in the dying days of its being a technical institution, before it reinvented itself as a ‘world class university’. One day, one of the lecturers pointed out over the printing workshop all the printing machines, guillotine, folding machines, etc. and said “They see this covered with computers…..it’s progress.” What he should have said was “It’s profit.” During that course, I made the first hard-back copies of Mary, Daughter of Elohim and Ankhsoun, Daughter of Ra. Now here I am, working on a website concerning The Broken Pieces – bits of The Four Jigsaws. Broken pieces also describes the people whose lives are broken by the selfish, cruel and evil decisions of distant men.

At the end of the Lincolnshire Post page, I saw a ‘Post Polio' logo. I immediately thought of Arthur C. Clarke, who now suffers from post-polio syndrome. Last time I communicated with him was just after the Twin Towers fell. Unlike most of the people I have written to over the years, he had the decency to reply. Arthur pointed out in his reply to me that people had commented to him on the strange coincidence of his Rendezvous with Rama. ‘His’ asteroid struck the plains of Northern Italy on 11th September 2077, on the opening page of that 1978 novel. Over five days in September 2006, I was inspired, led to see exactly how all the broken pieces fitted together.

Arthur could not remember why he picked 11th September, but I can now see the only possible explanation – God’s inspiration. For I came to see, around the fifth anniversary of 9-11, why 911 was indeed the Hammer of God for America.

If you want to see more of the evidence, read the book Fragments of an Outer Mind. It is just a synopsis of much more work, The Alpha and Omega Codes, which is Volume 2 of Enigmas of Easter. That book gives far more detail of the derivation of the Codes over the two decades, the work that underpins my proof, and which also authenticates Volume 1, Mary, Daughter of Elohim, as the true Gospel According to Mary (Magdalen).

As if to add a final element of confirmation that this is indeed the correct hymn for this page, I discovered last night another piece to add to the jigsaw. It is a precise indication of why this tune Michael fits to 9-11. Michael Howells funeral took place on 11th September 1935, 9-11-35. What is more, his father, Herbert Howells’ date of birth links precisely to the intricate details of my Founders of Psychical Research experience, which is described in my Fragments book. Through birth and death, we have Alpha and Omega. It is all part of the Alpha and Omega Codes, God’s Interactive Tapestry.

Herbert Howells had many doubts. I too find some things hard to comprehend...see Futility

More indications of the consequences for America's response to the Twin Towers attack is given here

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