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n 26th November, I came to write this page from adding a note to the end of the page giving the words of the hymn Hushed was the Evening Hymn…..  I was writing about The Da Vinci Code verse referring to Rosslyn.  I could not remember the exact rhyme from the novel so I went to find my copy of the book.    I could not locate my first copy of The Da Vinci Code.  This was the one I had actually read, a now rather disfigured and annotated paperback.  It was nowhere to be found.  So I had taken down my second copy of The Da Vinci Code which I had bought because its Whitcoulls' catalogue number was 46884 with its links to real royal lines and Diana’s death.  I had bought that copy on 23rd August 2004 for $22.99.  The price of the first copy I had bought, at Borders Books in central Auckland on 31st May 2004 had been $22.95.  The mean price of the two copies was $22.97.  Remember this mean price.

This second copy was a virgin one – at least, it was until I wrote a cryptic note on page 557 on 24th November 2006.  It was rather a symbolic allusion to the virgin and the whore.  I flicked through the latter parts of the novel….past the flight to Biggin Hill, events in Westminster Abbey….  Then I had caught sight of page 557.  “What was on that page?” I wondered.  The words I found were so incredibly relevant now, far more so than on the day I first read them.

 The last words from Langdon, in the chapter that ends on page 557, were “Only the worthy find the Grail.  You taught me that, Leigh.”  On page 555, Leigh Teabing had just seen the Codex land on the stone floor, shattering the glass vial within, the vinegar quickly devouring the clue written on a papyrus scroll – note papyrus again.   The secret of the Grail was lost forever……  But on page 557, Langdon’s words now represented a reiteration of a message which has been echoed to me for the past eight months. 

 Those words, which Dan Brown was caused to pen, have been a major theme in my writing since I was in North Wales in March 2006. *   That was the day I returned to the spot where the spirit of Mary Magdalen crossed with the spirit of the Impossible Princess.  There had been the coincidence of the Virgin Brush (NB and the magpie on the fencepost) before I climbed Conway Mountain.  That night, just a little to the west, I had made my dinner in a car park in the shadow of Llanfairfechan Mountain, overlooking the LNWR line to Holyhead. 

 I had opened the Daily Telegraph for the day.  It happened to be a Gaudy Night at Worcester College, Oxford.  Reading in the light of the car’s interior light, I came upon a striking coincidence.  For once, the Telegraph had a Page 3 Girl.  Anita Roddick of The Body Shop and champion of caring consumerism had finally ‘got into bed’ with Lyndsey Owen-Jones, CEO of L’Oréal.  The Body Shop had sold out to the aggressive L’Oréal.  She was definitely ‘worth it’ - £200M or so, it seemed. 

 Lyndsey Owen-Jones had been in my year at Worcester College, Oxford, although he had not attended the 1965 Gaudy Night which many of us did attend, nigh on 40 years later, on 4th October 2003.  He was a modern linguist.  I had quite a few modern linguist friends at Worcester, Cliff Lauer, for example.  In fact, it was through him that I met my future first wife, Margaret Phillips, then an LMH modern linguist.  But I cannot remember ever exchanging a single word with Lyndsey Owen-Jones. 

 He went on to become the most high profile and probably the most successful of all our 1965 matriculation year.  In the shape of L’Oréal, he has recently, endowed a Chair of Marketing at Oxford, tenable at Worcester, a really valuable contribution both to the academic world and to humanity in general.  Now the sharpest minds can be brought to bear on the most intractable of problems facing modern man, such as how to make people buy more of what they don’t need, ‘because they are worth it’!  And Worcester is so grateful to other old boys – the Americans prefer the term Alumni – like the library funding by one Rupert Murdoch, someone else notable for having ‘enriched the world’ by his contribution.  The Observer last Sunday referred to Murdoch as ‘the overlord of sleaze’.  Still, to the Worcester College of today, all that matters is money, not ideas, and certainly not the reality of the existence of God.   The times of men like A.N. Bryan Brown and John Masterman are long gone.

 It was only when I came to write about this strange coincidence, much heightened by coincidences outside The Body Shop in Llandudno the day before and others at the Heart Foundation charity shop that it suddenly came to me.  Coincidences happen because you are worth it.  They are not automatic.  They come only if you are worth it.  What is the point of bothering to communicate with someone who is always ‘switched off’?  Such people have got all the answers.  They have set their own goals, determined where they are going to be.   What possible guidance could they need to a real purpose in their lives?  Why do they need communication from God when they have cell phones and the internet?

 One woman said to me not that long ago “I knew then (at the age of fourteen, in 1965) I wanted to be like her.”  Her role model was a forty-year-old woman, a rich, well-groomed and successful real-estate agent from Canada.  The comment came as something of a shock to me.  I had seen this role model as shallow, untrustworthy, vocal and pushy, but essentially all show.  I was eighteen.  I suppose she was my first encounter with a ‘successful’ feminist. 

 So what is it within us that causes us to make those vital choices so early on?  After all, it is the choices we make that determine whether we are ‘worth it’, both in this world and the next.  But in all this, is there not a key to explain the apparent contradiction between free will, prophecy and destiny?

 A recent advertisement in New Zealand has a man now coming out with the weasel words.  So next time you see a L'Oréal advert, with some ‘star’, ‘personality’ or ‘ supermodel’ reminding you that  you should pamper yourself with expensive, L'Oréal products, ‘because you’re worth it’, ponder the question.  Are you really?

 And so on p 557 of The Da Vinci Code, there was this significant closing sentence.  That meant much more to me now on 24th November 2006  than when I had first read it.  Clearly it had been drawn to my attention at the right time.  Only the worthy find the Grail.  Elsewhere (Jenny’s find on Advent Sunday in The Da Vinci Code) – the Grail finds you.  Should that read ‘meaningful coincidence finds you’?

 Later that night I went to find the non-virgin copy of The Da Vinci Code.   I found it under a pile of books, where else?  It was in Hut 3 .  On page 557 of this well-used copy, there is no indication that I saw any particular significance in that phrase on my first reading of it. The only element of significance was that that date of my first reading p557 in The Da Vinci Code was 31st August 2004.  It was the seventh anniversary of Diana's murder.  This was another link into the real royal lines of the Alpha and Omega Codes.  See The Sentinel of Eternity.  (LINK)

 Now I will continue with what I intended to write when I began to add the Footnote to Hushed was the Evening Hymn.  I began to write this section only in order to refer to the strange connection between Rosslyn Chapel and the true story of Mary Magdalen, a connection which lies in the River North Esk.

 Dan Brown, in common with many others puts forward the story that the Holy Grail was once hidden in Rosslyn Chapel.  Why else does he have his High Priestess living nearby?  But whereas the traditional Grail is the Cup of the Last Supper, Brown instead creates his own Grail.  It is a treasure chest containing the bones of Mary Magdalen, her marriage documents, the true gospel of Jesus, and all the secrets of the Royal line, which supposedly emanate from the union of Mary Magdalen and Jesus.  Doubtless there would also be evidence of Mary’s role as the ‘co-creator’ of the original ‘Christianity’.

 But the real Grail, like the Philosopher’s Stone, reveals the secret of eternal life.  It is to be found not in association with the bones of Mary Magdalen, but in conjunction with her spirit.

 It was her spirit that was sent to us in the shadow of Conway Mountain on 5th April 1986.  On 18th March 2006, I had returned there for the first time in almost 20 years.  It is rather more than chance that it happened to be the exact third anniversary of the publication of The Da Vinci Code in New York, on 18th March 2003.  I had thought that the caravan site, where our experience happened, had vanished in the coast road motorway redevelopment.  But that day I discovered that it had not. 

 That very same day in 2006 was also the first anniversary of my dismissal from my long-standing wastewater job at the Tuakau rendering plant.  That job, which began at Easter in 1997 and ended at Easter in 2005, had produced so much evidence to authenticate the story of the real Mary Magdalen, a key person in The Enigmas of Easter.

 By chance, that Saturday in 2006 marked the final stage of The Da Vinci Code trial in the High Court in London.  The Counsel for the defendants summed up on Friday, 17th March, the plaintiffs on Monday, 20th March.  It is all part of the Interactive Tapestry, which God has woven.  Crede Signo – that coincidence came on 19th March.

 The line in question from The Da Vinci Code was ‘The Holy Grail ‘neath Ancient Rosslyn waits….’  And it was this line that led me to look at a map of Edinburgh and its immediate environs.

 In autumn 1986, I had begun to feel that we needed some special paper to print the autobiographies of Mary Magdalen and Ankhsoun-pa-Aten.   Photocopy paper, although fairly cheap, did not seem appropriate.  But any other kind of paper was expensive and not available in the sizes needed by our small printing machine. The solution came from a comment someone made to me in a telephone call during the course of my inquiries.  That was how I came to hear of Mill Ends and that is how we got the Mottled Vellum Parchment paper to print the true story of Mary Magdalen. The background image to these web pages is derived from that paper.  Even in the name, there is a strange coincidence, for parchment was what she might indeed have written her own story down on, had they had the money to buy it and had she been able to write. But as neither condition was satisfied, our book Mary, Daughter of Elohim is the first transferring of her true story to paper. 

 The mill which we were led to, which offered us this paper, is at Auchendinny, just to the south of Edinburgh. The paper was made using the water from the River North Esk. A mile or so later, that water flows ‘neath Rosslyn's Walls’.  So, once again, Dan Brown was inspired, at least in this respect, when he wrote The Holy Grail ‘neath Ancient Roslin waits.  The connection is in the treated wastewater.  Treating wastewater has been my ‘chosen’ profession since 1973.  And the book has waited since 1986 to see the light of common day.

 But we bought that paper in autumn 1986, eight years before Dan Brown realised he could be a writer.  His inspiration for his career was a novel, which he found on the beach in Tahiti in 1993, around the time we were led to Patmos.  He picked up a paperback called The Doomsday Conspiracy by Sydney Sheldon.  After reading it Dan Brown decided he could write just as well himself.  And it turned out that he could, with some external assistance unbeknown to him. For both The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons shows strong signs of God's inspiration.  But in the second novel, that inspiration, which came direct to Dan Brown, came into conflict with the will of his research assistant.  The role of his personal New Age priestess, his powerful wife, Blanche was very much fleshed out during the High Court action in London.   It is noteworthy how she was kept out of it, spared the witness box, the harsh exposure to the light of truth.  Was this just another Deception Point, I wondered?  The coincidence of the Llandudno Heart Foundation charity shop on 17th March 2006 did indeed give me cause to ponder.

 It is appropriate that the official genesis of Dan Brown’s writing career was the inspiration of his finding of The Doomsday Conspiracy.  But was this just chance or was it a very meaningful coincidence in more ways than one?  He found it on the beach.  And On the Beach is Nevil Shute’s version of ‘Doomsday’.  Unfortunately, Brown saw no particular significance in the title of the book he had found.  The last chapter of The Da Vinci Code, Chapter 105, is set at Rosslyn, on the bluffs. **    

[** Only an American could talk of ‘bluffs’ in the Scottish Borders.  What amazed me was that this American was not eradicated from the ‘Empire’ edition, published in Britain, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.   But it is probably all part of the American desire to replace real English with their own corruption of it, all part of the dream of an American world order.  Brown was generous in his thanks to the entire team at Transworld Publishers in London.  In reading the book, I could see little evidence of their editorial input to the book.  Presumably, he was thanking them for the sales efforts.  The only meaningful different input in the British edition had come from the typesetter, and Brown knew nothing of that.  It is said that in the French edition, the gross errors in the geography of Paris have been corrected.  Whether this statement is true, I do not know as I have not seen a  copy of the French edition.]

 But amongst the bluffs, he is enlightened by the High Priestess Marie Chauvel. She explains to Langdon that the ‘End of Days’ is a legend of paranoid minds.  But is it a more significant bluff?  Brown duly wrote his words in August 2002.  But Marie Chauvel is wrong and so is Dan Brown, for the signs had told us differently, back in 1986, even before we had learned to read them.  As well as a high-quality paper, we also bought a cheaper paper for general use.  That paper went by the name Armageddon White Wove.  We didn't buy it for its name but for its price, as Armageddon did not emerge as a theme in our work until two years later.  But in the twenty years since, God has indeed woven a very intricate tapestry to ‘illustrate his bright designs and work his sovereign will’.  William Cowper, around 1770, put it so well, thus, in his hymn  ‘God moves in a mysterious way his wonders to perform….’  By coincidence, that is Hymn No. 503 in the hymnbook Songs of Praise.  And 503, written in Roman numerals, is DIII.  Hence we have the link to Angels and Demons and Galileo’s Diagrams of Truth.

And Dan Brown himself inadvertently provides a neat final twist about the End of Days, the end of the days he spent writing his novel.  According to his Foreword to the official screenplay, it was at 4.20 am on 18th August, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire that he wrote the last words.  So, Day 229 of the year was his last full day working on the novel.  And Code 229 is the Alpha and Omega Code for Armageddon, the End of the World, or the End of Days, as Brown calls it.  *** (See Endnote)

Incidentally, the more specific code for The End Times is 2297 see The Seventh Sign .  $22.97 is the mean value of the prices of two copies of The Da Vinci Code which I bought in Summer 2004.

After Chapter 105 of The Da Vinci Code, there is only the Epilogue, which opens in the Ritz Hotel.  I read that on 31st August 2004, a strange connection to Diana’s death seven years earlier, 2557 days, to be precise.  Her last day was set in the Ritz Hotel.  Her very last day was 31st August 1997.

 The patterns which have emerged over the past 36 hours since I started to edit this page are striking indeed.  More fragments emphasise the manifold connections between the spirits of Princess Diana and Mohammed Atta, linked as they are by important 9-11 events.  Perhaps it is significant, too, how atta is linked to roses!  (JIGSAW – All Saints)

 On Sunday, 26th November, the day noted for its Diana and Egyptian connections, Prime TV broadcast a dramatised documentary, Zero Hour.  Fortunately it was more a British dramatised documentary, rather than the usual, highly fictionalised American docu-dramas.   The programme covered the last few hours of American Airlines Flight 11, the plane that Mohamed Atta piloted into the World Trade Centre.  This was the pilot who had his ‘appointment in Samara’ around the 85th floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Centre, as part of the Hammer of God for America.  The full details as to how I conclude this are in our book, Fragments of an Outer Mind.  This weekend's events are just further proof of my hypothesis.

 More coincidences on the morning of 27th November continued the proof sequences which culminated on 28th November, a day linking New Zealand’s greatest disaster with New York’s, through Code 901.  The final indicator came on the morning of 29th November, New Zealand time, at 7.06 am – Crede Signo.  Of course, in New York, it was still 28th November.

  Endnote ***  I went to get the screenplay book to check the date.  Jenny looked at the cover and said “Look at all the numbers behind them.  And there is an upside-down Ankh”

Then it struck me. This was an example of inspiration linking to the film. “That’s symbolic,” I said.  “The Ankh is the symbol of eternal life and Brown’s Goddess leads to the opposite – hell.”  That upside down concept was used in another film that was part of the powerful evidence that had come to us regarding the existence of hell, during July 1999.

The strange thing is that numbers do not figure in The Da Vinci Code, but they are of great prominence in The Alpha and Omega Codes.  The Da Vinci Code is based on coded words, not numbers.  But there is much more.  Read the books.        10.11 am 29th November 2006

The tune for this page is from another very old hymn  Of The Father's Heart Begotten.  The tune is called DIVINUM MYSTERIUM.  The melody is from Piae Cantiones, 1582.  The mystery of God is an important element of this website.  Rather curiously one of the unusual words in this hymn  has a double connection to the Chicksands 911 prophecy

 For more on Codes, Destiny, Inspiration and Dan Brown’s other novel, Angels and Demons, see The Diagrams of Truth.

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