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The 9-11 World Trade Centre Disaster Prophecy Code

RAF' Chicksands -  The Truth behind Another American Deception

Original webpage August 2006

OD certainly mocked the American 'Intelligence' agencies when I got a job at a US spy base in Britain.  But then the Americans mock God at every turn.

How naïve the British are to think they can ever trust the Americans!  Anyone is expendable, save Israel of course.  There, in the heart of Bedfordshire, was the 69740 Sigint Squadron, or whatever its number was, scanning the heavens and all the frequencies for all possible threats to the land of the ‘free’ and the home of the ‘brave’.  Naturally, it also passed on anything of value to American companies. But ironically, the only signals they could not intercept were the only ones that really mattered, the ones that came from beyond space and time, directly into my mind. The great FLR9 ‘elephant cage’ antenna could not detect the danger signs so close to its black and evil heart.

Think back to Challenger. Remember its mission? More truth.  It was to teach the children of America about space. On board was the first ‘civilian’, a school teacher, Christie McAuliffe. She was due to conduct a lesson beamed into schools across America. Doubtless it would be about America’s well known interest in the peaceful exploration of space for mankind, the benefits to science and technology.  They were all watching for the launch.  It was all intended to raise the profile of NASA and the Shuttle programme. It certainly did that.

Challenger gave the lesson God intended, not the one Reagan did. America’s interest in space is as its interest in everything - to exploit and control. I was reminded of this at a Squadron Briefing one day at Chicksands Airforce Base near Bedford. To kid the British, the fawning and devious British authorities called it 'RAF' Chicksands.  After all, it had a couple of RAF officers amongst the 3000 Americans there. One was the official Liaison Officer at the Priory HQ and the other a low-ranking minion in the outer recesses of the heart of the spy centre of Building 600, on The Hill.

One Thursday in late summer 1992, our Squadron Commander, in our monthly briefing, began by reminding us all of 'our' Mission Statement - ‘To maintain the pre-eminence of the United States through the exploitation of air and space.’ I found it hard to credit his arrogance. Quite a few others there were, like me, employed by or through the British MoD. We owed no allegiance to such an erroneous, if not downright evil, objective.

But then, I had already been warned about my not showing due deference to their bloody flag.  At 4.30pm every day,  they lowered the flags, playing first the British National Anthem as the token RAF flag was lowered, and then the Stars and Stripes as their wretched flag came down. All the cars stopped, wherever they were on the base as the music came over the tannoys.   People stopped in their tracks. Men and woman coming out of the supermarket put down their bags and placed hands on hearts. It was a display of mind control, as least as disturbing as the pre-war rallies of the Nazis.   I was reminded of the Old Testament story of Nebuchadnezzar and his golden idol. - Daniel 3. ‘At the time ye hear the sound of the cornet, flute, harp, sackbut, psaltery, dulcimer and all kinds of musick, ye fall down and worship the golden image that Nebuchadnezzar the king hath set up. And those falleth not down and worshipping shall the same hour be cast into the burning furnace.’

But, unlike American children, we British children were not brought up as flag worshippers.  I showed my contempt for it all.  I kept on walking.  I was reported,  by the colonel's right-thinking android of a daughter, it turned out, for not showing respect to their flag. I told Lt. Oulette I had nothing but contempt for all flags, especially theirs. (Roulette, I called her, having seen a note of praise concerning her with this alternative rendering of her name - but God doesn’t play dice. He hit Florida fair and square. )  I hated nationalism in all its forms. She warned me about my attitude.  I asked her to let me know when she found out who the next enemy was. The Berlin Wall had fallen the year before. The Evil Empire was no more, at least officially.  I told her “ I run sewage works. I don’t try to run the world.”

Her parents came from Florida. Not long after our conversation, Florida felt the Hand of God with Hurricane Andrew, the most destructive storm in US history, a mantle only recently usurped by Hurricane Katrina. The next Squadron Briefing, in the ‘video news’, showed the remnants of a US Air Force Base which had been in Andrew’s path. The Lootenant never did manage to tell me who the next enemy was.

In time, my job at Chicksands was terminated, quite suddenly.  I am fairly sure it was because I exposed the incompetence and dishonesty of the British MoD personnel at 'RAF' Lakenheath, who were in charge of the overall sewage treatment function on behalf of the Americans. It was not because I told the Americans of their hypocrisy.

 A 2013 Update
And now in July, 2013, we have had an update on Chicksands....Edward Snowden - is another actor who comes on the stage at a 'chosen time' He is another Chosen One - his name fits so precisely in the threads of Fate - chosen to show so clearly the real state of the world today.  He has revealed the latest high tech version of the FLR9 - geostationary satellites, a brainchild of Arthur C Clark, no less and Prism......Google, Facebook and even the Australians are all doing their bit to keep the NSA and the people who really matter, safe. 

Big Brother (CIA/NSA/GCHQ) really is watching you.... George Orwell - another inspired novel-1984 , predicted the future with a chilling accuracy back in 1948. Was it chance that Eric Blair, George Orwell's real name, wrote with such insight into the times ushered in so smoothly when Tony Blair sat on the real Throne in Downing St .  Or were the ideas put into Orwell's mind by the Great Mind that knows the future with an absolute precision?  The only difference is that the clocks don't yet chime 13, apart from metaphorically.  For 'The time of 13 ' in the Codes of Fate, refers to the Second Coming, when the bells in the square toll for the End of Time.

Will Prism do any better than the FLR9?  Somehow I doubt it.    Evil may have succeeded in controlling the minds of men through so many clever ploys, but God holds the final ace.  Evil can only control the minds of men.  God alone can control the planets and the stars....and the asteroids. 16:39  29th July, 2013.   He demonstrated the latter so clearly with Shoemaker Levy 9 and Jupiter in July 1994, comet Mc Naught in January 2008, comet Lovejoy in December 2011, a meteor strike on Chelyabinsk in February 2013 and a meteor off New Zealand on 11th February 2015.

What an irony!!  Snowden, the American whistleblower was forced to seek refuge in Russia, thanks to the cowardice and complicity of the Europeans, bowing to American pressure.   they were the targets of American spying too.  It was all so clearly exhibited with the incident of the Bolivian Presidential plane forced down by the Spanish because the Americans thought Snowden might be escaping their clutches to South America. 

And it all comes just as the trial concludes of a Russian whistleblower, Sergei Magnitski, the 'evil' man who exposed a $230M dollar tax fraud by Putin's mates - 11th July, 2013  Day 626BS.   See Russia convicts dead lawyer.  Bloody hypocrites one and all from Putin to Obama. 

Unfortunately Magnitski died in jail  three years before his trial.  But unlike with Guantanamo bay inmates, he did actually still get to trial.   Mind the Russian political system does not let mere death stand in the way of Russian Justice.  That dreadful criminal was duly found guilty in what is called a 'court of law' in Russia.  There was a bit of a  problem with the sentence. But at least his accomplice was duly sentenced, in case he ever returns to Russia.

But whatever sentence Magnitski  was due had already been assigned by God.   Ras Putin can expect that his sentence will be rather more severe, when the Spinner of the Years calls time on his particular mortal coil.  Truth is far more important in the Courts of God than it is in those of man, be they Russian, American or British and I have had plenty of personal experience of the sick joke that passes for British Justice.  As someone said so fittingly long ago "British justice is open to all...just like the Ritz."

The Codes of Fate warn very clearly what lies ahead for all, as The Airbus Codes showed so clearly back in 2008..  On death ALL are judged by God.  And He has no need of lawyers, to 'help the Court establish the truth' which is perhaps a good thing as an awful lot of lawyers probably end up in the alternative destination.

Now Snowden is trusting in the mercy of the man who has whistleblowers tortured, or at least looks the other way.   Americans would never do that sort of thing would they?  It goes against all their principles........ It is such an Un-American activity except....in the interests of national security, of course. So the patriots dress the 'terrorists' in orange suits which conveniently renders them less than human  and so not subject to 'American values' .  And by coincidence in Guantanamo Bay, an American-occupied territory in Cuba, American laws do not apply.  How very convenient it all is for patriots.

But, the scary thing for Snowden must be that Magnitsky committed exactly the same terrible crime as Snowden.  He dared to expose the truth ........and powerful people didn't like it.  The people who rule America loathe the truth being revealed just as much as do their Russian counterparts ...... or their British ones.

In fact you couldn't actually insert a sheet of paper to separate the 'principles' that govern Russia from those that govern America.  'Patriots' rule both lands.  It's just that the Yanks are more subtle,  or should that be even more devious? No wonder Putin talks of 'our American partners'..... in  what ..... spying.... torture..... corruption .... and any other evil that suits 'national interests'?? )

plus ca change....plus ca meme chose. 

Snowden has revealed that the NSA/CIA are watching everybody, Chicksands magnified a thousand fold or is it a million? 

But God is watching them too.......

Now back to 1992 and the Chicksands prophecy ..... How God showed me an element of the future precisely nine years in advance.

16:58:43 T= Alpha which is Omega- He Alpha

In fact, approvals came down from Congress for additional expenditure at Chicksands which included £50,000 to upgrade the sewage treatment facilities as per my design. The works had been neglected by the incompetent British for the best part of a decade.  But by then I had been 'sacked'.  That is where honesty got you in Britain in 1992.  I'm sure it is even worse today, what with multicultural PC-ness gone mad an paranoia about terrorists.

But was it just chance that the signs and the Voice both there gave me ‘Lockerbie comes to America’? The messages came over a weekend, 11th to 14th September 1992, 9-11-92 to 9-14-92.  I didn't know it but it was the answer to my question to Lt. Oulette.  It told who the next enemy was to be. But I did not crack the Code until the Twin Towers fell. I only got ‘Lockerbie comes to America’.  I did not realise how precisely the date was given. 

The first half of the Twin Towers clue at ‘RAF’ Chicksands Air Force Base came on 9-11-92, nine years to the day before the Faulty Towers fell. The second half of the clue came after the weekend, on 9-14-92. The message of LOCKERBIE on that articulated truck was so clear. I was driving into the camp on the Monday morning. It had just come out from the shopping area of the camp after making a delivery. I called it ‘Little America’. You could only buy things in the shop in US dollars, even though it was in the heart of England. But then, that is typical of the arrogance of Americans. That is where I paid in US$ for my copy of Newsweek in July 1992, with its exposé of the role of the Pentagon and the White House in the destruction of Iran Air 655. Now for nothing was the headline Sea of Lies.

Of course it was just a truck delivering goods from Scotland.   It just happened to have come from Lockerbie.....It was just chance or was it.  As that Lockerbie truck came past me and away, down to the camp gate, the Voice said to me “Lockerbie comes to America!” And there was the strange coincidence of the hired-in tractor.....

And so it came to pass, exactly nine years thence. The crater of Sherwood Crescent, at exactly 55o7’N as the Codes had predicted 19 days earlier, had been transposed to the heart of Manhattan and inverted into a mountain of rubble......  all that reamained of the World Trade Centre.  Lockerbie had indeed come to America! But the Eye of Ra had seen through the mists of time not just for a matter of 19 days on that first occasion with the Lockerbie disaster, but nine years into the future with 9-11.

The Voice had told me the truth. And what of the high tech SIGINT squadrons? With the FLR 9 elephant cage antenna, they were consigned to oblivion in 1995, replaced by even higher and even more evil technology.  ( Which now we know were satellites and then Prism and doubtless much else we don't know) But although the Codes gave me ‘911’ nine years to the day before the World Trade Centre was destroyed, the American ‘Intelligence’ system did not even have a clue, even one day before. Well, they may have had a few clues, but for all their high tech wizardry, they didn’t have the wit or competence to put them together.

But that day in September 1992, was the second half of the two-part clue to the Twin Towers disaster, still nine years off. That was the time when the towers turned to dust as Joachim Neander's hymn Meine Hoffnung stehet feste reminds us so evocatively.  And his hymn reminds us exactly why the Towers turned to dust. The tune is known as Meine Hoffnung which means My Hope, and that is the tune with which this page opens.  This hymn with this tune appeared in Neander's Hymn Book of 1680.  That hymn book was entitled Alpha and Omega.  An 1899 translation of the hymn by Robert Bridges, the British poet Laureate   is to be found here.  The tune accompanying that translation is the 1936 tune Michael, to which it is most commonly sung today.   The inspiration behind that tune is also most significant, relating also to God, cathedrals, chapels, death and 911.  But I only realised all of this in November 2006, in the  days when I worked on a tune for this webpage.  ( last paragraph edited and saved 9:47:16am 6th October, 2012  Too late....)

But although I cracked the Chicksands prophecy code almost as soon as the Towers fell in September 2001, I did not crack the intricate code at the heart of the warning it until I came to write The Diagrams of Truth in September 2006.  It was whilst writing that book that I realised the vital message at its very core, was that 9/11 was the Hammer of God for America.  The key code was contained in the two precisely guided missiles that the  demolished the Twin Towers of Mammon. God knew precisely the weakness of those towers, built according to the best principles of market forces, maximum office space at minimum cost and as few exits ( lifeboats) as the law allowed.  It was a repeat of the Titanic disaster for the modern era.

After 9-11, the Yanks chose unwisely.  But then God knew they would.  What would you expect with that half-wit in the White House.  But he was just a puppet his strings pulled by cleverer and darker minds.  But it was on Bush's watch that the Armageddon Express really started to get going....

For Chicksands was built at an important cross-roads and that cross-roads screamed World's End from both directions.   It was built where it had to be.  That was all known back in the 1940s by the Great Mind that orchestrates space and time.  But in fact everything  has been known for 33 centuries at least.  The future is set in concrete.  It is just not known to man.... and for very good reason.....  But didn't the inspired hymn writer put that more poetically as ;

A thousand ages in Thy sight are like an evening gone...
And there are other relevant lines in that hymn too
Time like an ever-rolling stream,  bears all its sons away....

That last line reminds us of the transience of our lives  here in this world  contrasting it with the eternal nature of God, (that vast mind that transcends both space and time. Pierre Simon Laplace, the so-called French Newton,  postulated such a vast mind in 1814.  Arthur C Clarke used the concept in his novel The Hammer of God (1993) where I first discovered Laplace's inspiration on reading the book in November 2011.  ( 11-11  Lest we forget)   It was then that I realised that my research is the first ever experimental evidence for the existence of Lapace's vast intellect

Is it really just chance chance that my Chicksands Lockerbie prophecy experience came just two weeks before a special Prophecy edition of Time magazine arrived on the news stands in the Stars and Stripes Bookshop at 'RAF' Chicksands in late September 1992?  It contained the original short story 'Hammer of God'... a tale of a battle to prevent an asteroid impact with the earth.  Clarke later expanded the short story into a full length novel, published in 1993 ISBN...2295  Apocalypse...  Doomsday.  Everything is neatly planned....... by God in these Latter days for man upon the Earth.  Man lies and cheats at his peril... 15:57hrs  2-28-15.  Revelation... 28th February 2015)

I used that hymn as the theme tune for the start page of this site Fragments of an Outer Mind.  You can find the full hymn at O God our help in ages past

To read more about that Crossroads in Destiny see The Threads of 507 on our later Codes of Fate website.  The cross-roads has gone now with the road improvements.  But it was there when it mattered, when RAF Chicksands was there and when I was there.  Now it is a British army Intelligence Centre, if British Intelligence is not just as much of an oximoron as American Intelligence.

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