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559 et seq

The Prophecy Codes of 558, 559 and .... 600

he prophecy code of 557 progressed to 558 in June 1990. To use an analogy from the German World War II Enigma machine, I realised that the first rotor had clicked on with the Mecca Tunnel disaster at the feast of Eid el Adha, the Feast of the Sacrifice. This is one of the holiest times of the Muslim year.  Code 557 occurred at Christmas, one of the two holiest times of the Christian year.  Code 558 linked to death, Egypt and the Muslim world, whereas 557 had linked to death, America, Britain and the so-called Christian world.

To understand precisely how the code 558 came from our trip to Egypt in June 1990 and how it related to the Mecca tunnel disaster within days of our return to England, read The 558 Mecca Prophecy

In January 1991, as the start of the Gulf War approached, I noticed an error in the Daily Telegraph. Being mindful of the well-known Daily Telegraph crossword D-Day codeword coincidences of May/June 1944, which Arthur Koestler   publicised in 'The Challenge of Chance'  I hypothesised that this error was part of the Enigma prophecy codes.   It seems that  the rotor had clicked on once more.

If so, 559 would be the code number for the start of the Gulf War. The 8th January provided a cross-linking code confirming my hypothesis and, in line with the 559 Prophecy code prediction, the Gulf War began on 17th January 1991. Again, details of these codes will be found in The Alpha and Omega Codes.

Now that we have safely reached  the new millenium though,   it is the second rotor which clicks on. The ' Twin Towers' was another click, the bombing of Afghanistan another. But what America is now embarking on is the most monumental of all in its long history of blunders. Why is it that technological superiority is associated with moral blindness and cowardice?

Now as I write this on 13.3.3, my ' Armageddon Clock' reads 228,361.  I should explain that 228 is the Enigma Code for Revelation and 229 one of the codes for the end of the world.  I estimate that my ' Armageddon Clock' will reach 229,000 around 21st March, which is around the time that the White House madman will initiate his ill-conceived war for American security. It will bring precisely the opposite. [ Footnote]

The second rotor will click on to a full scale disaster at an American nuclear power station, purely an accident -  technical incompetence, doubtless leavened with some corruption and cover-ups. But that should come as no surprise.   After all these are the key ingredients of a 'Market Forces' society.

Of course it could be that the Enigma Codes are wrong. After all, have not the experts calculated that the chance of a nuclear power station disaster is only 1 in 100,000 reactor years. Isn't it funny that was the same number that came out of the risk calculations for the total loss of a space shuttle, at least that was before Challenger was destroyed. To my mind 2 in 113 makes approximately 1 in 57.  How could the risk assessors be so wrong with the space shuttles? Do the build into their risk assessments,   incompetence, stupidity, laziness and corruption? The real odds against a nuclear power station disaster are an awful lot shorter than the experts would have you believe.

The cause of the nuclear power station disaster will of course be terrorism. After all, the truth could never be admitted any more than it could with the Lockerbie air disaster.     There will be the traditional rallying round the flag and some 'perpetrator ' will be selected to be taught a lesson.

The second rotor will click on again and it will bring the destruction of New York City with a hydrogen bomb. The codes do not reveal how this will be delivered.   It could be in a sea container, or possibly a railroad car. It could even be part of a wider global exchange - ' mutually assured destruction' was what the idiots once called it.

But there is yet another click, an extinction level event when the second rotor clicks for the final time so causing the  first rotor to finally click to 600.  The Six O' Clock Bus will have finally reached its destination.  One inspired novel happens to have chosen inadvertently, 'by coincidence' precise Enigma destiny codes for an impact point.

10.12.24am 13.3.3

The message from the Enigma Codes has been clear since 1994 - Heed or Perish!  I have tried and tried to warn. No one is willing to listen. I say again 'Heed or Perish', but I think it is now too late. There are too many evil men in high places. Now it seems, the Great Whore, the ' whore that corrupteth the kings of the earth' must come to Babylon.


Revision 12.28am 14th March 2003

Footnote:  Yes, it did on both counts.  On the morning that the White House half-wit started his War on Freedom, the mileage on my car reached 229007km, as I reached my destination.  It was a singing lesson.  My singing teacher decided we would do an air from Mendelssohn's Elijah.  And don't forget that it was a code on a car that predicted the Lockerbie air disaster, nineteen days in advance.   And in 2008 America is less secure than it ever was.  The Iraq war has been an unmitigated disaster, worse even than Vietnam in terms of its long term consequences.

And a fortnight ago on 6th June 2008, came the D Day Code repeat with the incredible Code Cracker Crossword links to the Apocalypse and Armageddon.  Is a code repetition not a indicator that it is not all chance?

Note added 21st June 2008  11.29.14pm

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