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An 11th Anniversary Message from Osama bin Laden

        America.... and to the Peoples of Islam

Not long before I became aware of the spirit of Osama bin Laden linking to my mind I had heard Michelle Obama had said "Being President does not change who you are. It reveals who you are. She was introducing her husband to the Democratic convention.   It was the night of 5th September 2012, in New Zealand.  There next followed an extended item on the very same news bulletin about a new book written by a Navy Seal who had taken part in the planned assassination mission.   He had been at great pains to point out that it was a ‘capture if possible’ operation.  It was a clever way of releasing unofficially an official account which closely followed the 'party line' as seen through the eyes of one of the 'heroes' who took part in the mission.

Within seconds of the item ending, I became aware of a 'voice' linking into my mind.

You attack all the supports of their belief system, especially their claim to have God on their side.  Now you know, just like the other one, I too passed the Judgement. Allah is merciful, but only to the extent that Justice prevails. Please tell them that from me. Soon you will have the opportunity.

Those who rely on the mercy of Allah to forgive all their iniquities are doomed to disappointment. Not all of our women are liars and cheats. You may soon meet one who will surprise you in many ways.

At this point I glanced at my watch. It showed 11:12:00pm. I was really surprised. I realised a vital implication, so then I added a note [So he spoke through 11:11:11 - Voice of God and 11:11 for most of it - Lest we forget - the message of the warning.] Then the voice continued:

You can restore Allah to your list.  It is not His fault that they have so badly corrupted the teachings given to Mohammed.  No, there is no need to have an incantation on his name.  Allah used him to try to turn the Christians from their errors.  He failed and his followers in turn developed more errors of their own.

Just like the Queen of old, from what are now Muslim lands - they killed me and destroyed my body in a not dissimilar way.  But they could no more touch my soul with all their technology than could the priests of old touch her soul with their primitive weapons.

Oh yes it was a great triumph of state terrorism. But it was Allah's will. Their state lies close to ruin now. The will of Allah will prevail.

11:17:15pm photograph 11:17:26pm 5th September, 2012.

Comments on the Words of Osama bin Laden
Because of the timing of his message I have added it to this 2006 Voice of God website, rather than the current update site The Codes of Fate.  In any case this site focuses on the meaning behind and the purpose of 9/11 and Osama bin Laden is central to that.

Osama bin Laden spoke of his passing the Judgement. So that means the American 'analysis' of his character would seem to be at odds with the view taken by God, Allah, Ra, Elohim, or Ahura Mazda..... For they are all one and the same. 

bin Laden’s remark ‘not all of our women are liars and cheats’ is a reference to my painful personal experience of a black African Muslim woman from Tanzania, whom I have called Jan, her ‘professional’ name you might say. See the End Times Herald codes for Jan's role on the stage before the Pike River mine disaster which was reprised even more powerfully before the second Christchurch earthquake of 22nd February, 2011.  Was it chance that that occasion linked a Muslim cemetery in Auckland to the Apocalypse? And then yet again out of the blue she came  - on a flying visit you might say - on the very day before MH17 was shot down by a Russian Missile in July 2014.

She was the first Muslim woman I had really got to know because although I had been to Egypt six times you only ever meet men. And my experiences of Muslim men in Egypt have not been good. Most of them appeared to regard white people, as rich Europeans, there to be cheated. Its fine to cheat Christians it seems. Jan followed on in that proud tradition, seeing me as an ‘easy touch’, there to be cheated. She seemed to specialise in older Englishmen.........  Not likely to beat you up when they discover what a cheat you are. 

In fact, on my six visits to Egypt,  I had often wondered if there is a word for ‘truth’ in Arabic as the concept appeared to be alien to almost all of the men we met in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan.  But there were two honest men we met.  One was in Luxor in November 1991, one in Aswan in June 1990.  Both helped us in important ways.  It was God's will......or Allah's if you prefer.

Prior to meeting Jan, I had considered that Allah was another name for God, the one God. That much is clear if you choose to read my 2007 book The Diagrams of Truth. But on the very day that Daniel Lado died, almost to the very minute, I had decided to delete Allah from my list. At the time I did not even know of Daniel’s death. In fact I didn’t really even know he existed. And I had only met Daniel’s mother once, an Egyptian woman, through Jan. Daniel died on Palm Sunday, 28th March 2010. But it was only later that I realised that his death was a key element in the proof of destiny and design, actors on a stage. Daniel represented living and dying proof that the Ancient Greeks were a lot closer with their ideas of The Fates than is the supposedly educated modern man or woman who prefers to think everything is random chance. For in Daniel’s birth and in his death is written the future for mankind. See The Parable of Lion Rock.

Typed 12th September 2012 1:29:47pm
Edited 3rd October, 2012 6:36:51pm
Explanation added 3rd October, 2012 7:06:07pm
Revised again 3rd October, 2012 7:40:41pm
Additions re Jan MH17 2nd March 2015

Why a Christian Hymn tune
The tune for this page is Rhuddlan, because it is set to the hymn  Judge eternal, throned in splendour.  And the emphasis is all now on the coming time of Judgement.   On 17th September, I had just written an article about how Osama bin Laden's message was powerfully authenticated by so many striking interconnected events between 8th September and 10th September,  when suddenly I found myself humming this tune.  But I couldn't get any words. That was most unusual.  For more on my working out what the actual hymn was,  see Messages Through Dragon

It came to me in exactly the same way that Waltzing Matilda had come into my mind as I was about to set off to shop in Countdown on the Saturday night.  And it was for the same reason.   It was put in my mind because it was the right time.  Waltzing Matilda was put into my mind just twenty minutes before I met two refugees from Australia, one an agnostic American man, the other a Malaysian Muslim woman.  For more on that see A Chance Meeting in Countdown

Even a Muslim could sing Judge Eternal without compromising his beliefs as there is no reference at all to Jesus, just to the majesty of God and the righteous man's need for God's help in a world that doesn't care about right and wrong or indeed care God Himself.  The same is true of all the other inspired Christian hymns.  But, for  a thousand years the 'scholars' and 'clerics' of Islam have stifled God's inspiration in music.  The prophet didn't sing sacred songs.... Neither did Christ.... Times change but always the real God's inspiration is appropriate to the times.  So there are only Christian hymns accompanied by that powerful symbol of the Voice of God, the church or cathedral organ... (2nd March 2015 12:31pm BS 27)

That is why I have set Osama bin Laden's 11th Anniversary Message to a Christian hymn, in common with most of the other pages on this Voice of God website.  This is a site showing amongst other things,  God's inspiration to the writers and composers of Christian hymns over almost two millennia.  Muslim religious censorship prevented the development of music and art in Islam and any subsequent flourishing for well over a thousand years.  It stifled God's inspiration, Allah's inspiration.   

Christianity at least allowed that freedom.  It seems very likely that it was the suppression of thought by Islamic clerics which ended the progress of the Arab world.   Arabs had led the way in astronomy and in alchemy, paving the way for modern chemistry, my subject of study at Oxford.  There were so many Arab thinkers in the late middle ages,  but it all came to a halt.  So many of the stars in the northern skies we know by their original Arabic names because they were named by Arab astronomers.  So what happened to the science of the Islamic world?  Did Islamic censorship do for Arab science what it had already done for Islamic art?

4th October 2012 11:47pm

Post Script - 6th May 2014
 I was amending the Contact Us details on this site when I got a strange message when I came to re-publish this Voice of God site.  It told me that this page and others had been changed on both server and my computer.  I could not see how this could be.  Had someone altered the page, I wondered ?  So I read through it on the internet version.  It seemed fine.  I got to the end and read the words about Islamic censorship and thought again- 'How true'.  I decided to print the screen and brought up the Date and Time box.   "Good God" was my reaction.  The time was 9:45:59 changing to 9:46:00.  By the time I hit print screen it was 9:46:01.   946 is the code for The Hammer of God.   The two 767s which demolished the Twin Towers so neatly were 'coded in their sum' - 946.  This is yet more spontaneous authentication that my experience really was the spirit of Osama bin Laden and that 9/11 really was the Hammer of God for America.   And what a nightmare the Americans have created around the world by their determination to get revenge.

6th May, 2014 - Today is Founders' Day - Bury Grammar School - I was there from 1958 to 1965.  From there I got a scholarship to Oxford to read chemistry - al chemia?  But its all written in the Codes of Fate.  Our school motto was sanctas clavis fores aperit  .  We were told its meaning was 'The sacred key which opens the door (to knowledge).  I have in the past year come to realise that that sacred key is meaningful coincidence.  It is the tool God has given so we might understand the truth about things in this world and things in the next, leading us to a knowledge of things temporal and things eternal.  (Incidentally, I referred to hymns earlier on this page.  In connection with Founders' Day two other hymns come to mind: From glory to glory advancing we praise Thee O Lord... and Come Down O love Divine.  We only sang those two hymns on Founders' Day in Bury Parish Church although we sang other hymns every morning in school assembly.  I pity today's children - so free of 'religious brainwashing' but with only pop music to fall back on for spiritual strength in later life.  Its no wonder The End is Nigh.)

And I was only led back to Bury Grammar School last summer, 2013 because of the murder of the soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich on 22nd May, 2013.  There were so many threads connecting Lee Rigby's life and death to elements in my life.  But for Mr B Liar's worse than misguided support for Bush (shrub) , Rigby would not now be dead.  But it had to be. Everything is already written in the Books of Life..... The signs of Rigby's precise destiny were put in place in my life in May 1959, via meaningful coincidence and involving railways.  But I only saw that thread of destiny in a sudden flash as I read in the New Zealand Herald of Rigby's past on the night of Saturday, 25th May, 2013.  And it was all woven in to Countdown, where I had just bought that newspaper and 'The Butcher's Mistake', not the Muslim assassin , but the Butcher of Baghdad  - President Bush.  Other elements around Rigby's death were put in place even further back in time, in 1896 and others even 33 centuries before.

....And on 15th April 2014 there came a conjunction of the moon turning to blood, an apocalypse sign ( See the Book of Revelation) with a 'impossible' railway engine here in Papakura New Zealand, (See The Moon to Blood)  tied in intricately to the inspired 1988 apocalyptic film The Seventh Sign.  Is it really chance that my 'Train Book' of 2005/6 follows the thread of railways through 53 years of my life.  Neither of the two railway elements above are included in that book but both go to prove the subtitle was correct.   Predestination - abc or A-Z? -A Trainspotters Guide to Destiny.

And was I led to look back at this bin Laden Anniversary Message page on a significant anniversary for me  - on Founders' Day for BGS - because it suddenly occurs to me that the Founding Fathers of America must be looking in horror at the terrible moral depths, moral in all its meanings, to which their former country has sunk.  I am fairly sure that Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine will have passed the Judgement. Though  I don't rate very highly the chances of either Blair or Bush doing so.  And Obama, a 'trained lawyer' just like Blair and Clinton too,  should realise that cold, calculating murder is against the laws of God, even if not the conveniently flexible laws of America.  Improving your election prospects will, I suspect, be considered a poor argument in mitigation.  

Maybe bin Laden will have the last laugh in the end.

You don't believe in God's Judgement? - too medieval - so un-inclusive -  Then read our Airbus Codes site from 2008/9.  The Perpignan Airbus crash was intended to give a powerful message to a world that has completely lost its way.  The Miracle on the Hudson was part of the same message.  As I said before meaningful coincidence is the sanctas clavis fores aperit.  Meaningful coincidence is a key to understanding things eternal

As for murdering people because you suspect they might be going to do something you don't like....Obama is even keener on that than Bush was...... Still New Zealand's Prime Minister, John Key just before Easter, 2014 gave the thumbs up for that - or should it be thumbs down - even when the Yanks are murdering Kiwis... But you have to stick with your golfing mates don't you...

11.40pm 6th May, 2014  BS 327:00:38:08

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