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The Voice of God has been made manifest unto man over unknown numbers of millennia, probably at least ten. That Voice has come in varied forms. It came more or less directly to Akhenaten, Ahura Mazda, the Old Testament prophets, to Christ and to Mohammed. To other men, it came through inspiration in painting as with John Martin; or through the words in the hymns they wrote, men such as Henry Lyte and Reginald Heber. To others, it came through music and Handel is an obvious example with his Messiah. Sometimes the Sentinel of Eternity chooses to speak through the spirits of the dead, who have passed the Judgement.

Most pages on this site have an accompanying hymn tune, linking to examples of God's inspiration.  The idea for the particular hymn came either by some inspirational association or from some fleeting words that came either into my mind or into Jenny’s mind.  It is interesting to note that there is not a single instance where the words of an inspired hymn and the inspired tune that has come to accompany it came to the same mind.  God speaks to us according to our ways, according to our talents and according to our times.  The trouble is that few listen today. People are so busy with what they want that they have no time for what God wants.

The instrument used  on these pages is the church organ as it is the only instrument that can even begin to represent the Voice God.  The church organ  has such an incredible range of precision, intensity and emotion.  It can gently accompany a small  chancel choir, or drown 2000 people in a great cathedral.  But the midi files used here are an inadequate representation of the church organ. I have obtained some midi files from a variety of internet sites but have re-voiced or changed the tempo all of these.  Some we have produced from scratch ourselves.   The great advantage of midi files is that they are economical in terms of bandwith.  So the site works perfectly well on dial-up internet connections.  At least the tunes that go with the hymns serve to illustrate what I am trying to show.

The tune on this page is St Denio from the hymn Immortal Invisible God Only Wise. Verse 1 of that hymn speaks of the Ancient of Days and that is the  illustration with which this page opens.  That illustration is derived from William Blake's painting The Ancient of Days and a setting sun  I photographed one day at work at Waikato By-Products in Tuakau.  By 'chance' it echoes Akhenaten's akhut hieroglyph.

One of the key modes whereby God speaks to the minds of men today is through the spirits of the dead.   Now many psychics claim to communicate with the dead. The situation, as usual, has been further confused by Hollywood and its very loose relationship with truth. People imagine the reality of the psychic is that portrayed by the demure but sexy Jennifer Love-Hewitt in Ghost Whisperer, with her crystal clear images of the dead and their very precise detailed messages concerning their former lives in this world.  Real psychics do not achieve this level of communication. But exactly what is  real in what psychics claim and how much of it is a comfortable pseudo religious dogma, as portrayed in Ghost Whisperer? How can we know what is true in these claims of communication with the dead. How can we know whence these messages come?  How can test the spirits? Are they of God, or do they hail from elsewhere?  Part of the answer lies in the strange phenomenon of meaningful coincidence.

For us, meaningful coincidence has so often served to cross-correlate and authenticate our personal experiences of spirit communication. In addition, both Jenny and I are aware of the inspiration of ideas, often cross-correlated with meaningful coincidence.

On other occasions, meaningful coincidence has proven to be a prophetic Code, telling mutely of events to come, perhaps days, or perhaps a decade ahead of time. The coincidences indicate a message to be derived from a particular disaster. Not all disasters are equal. Some are of much more moment than are others. The Orchestrator of coincidence sometimes chooses, in addition, to communicate directly, to ensure that there is no doubt as to the interpretation of the message. The complexity of the orchestration serves to confirm the reality of intelligent design.   Though the disasters are most often of man's making, some are deemed Acts of God, if only by insurance companies keen to mitigate their losses.

On such occasion, words come directly into my mind. These words are powerful, but they are not equivocal. They are strong, direct and to the point. The words are uncompromising, perhaps akin to one of the two Gods of the
Old Testament, but without the nationalist bias of a specific race of ‘chosen people’ of the false god of the Old Testament, or the latter’s immorality, his lack of justice, or his cruelty.

Both these words that come to me directly, and the conclusions derived from the manifold meaningful coincidences, contradict almost totally the answers given by his ‘entity’ to Neale Donald Walsch in the course of his various ‘Conversations with God’.  Mine is not a conversation.  I just listen when the Voice chooses to speak.  I do not ask questions.  I do not want the answer to why I am not rich, or why I am not happy, or what I can supposedly do to rectify either deficiency.  I do not ‘seek to know’.  I do not seek to acquire the power which supposedly comes with occult knowledge. But for twenty two years now, I have tried to understand, in the way that a scientist seeks, that is to come to know the truth.

My research began in 1984. That was when I was presented with things that I, as a scientist, could not explain.  I began to investigate. In the twenty two years that have since elapsed, I have been presented with far more that other scientists not only cannot explain, but will not even consider. You can read a little more about my background in About_Us

The Spiritualist literature abounds with cases of discarnate entities ‘talking’ to or through people. In very few cases, though, is there any external authentication of the identity of the entity. So-called ‘channeled’ communications are even more suspect. What is their source? Many of these entities claim to have been in multiple incarnations; some are not even of this world. Only in the later twentieth century have there been claims of channeling from aliens. Many of these channeled entities are very helpful, coming for demonstrations at the behest of the channeler, usually for significant financial gain on the latter’s part. They seem particularly helpful in facilitating expensive workshops in the land of the ‘free’ and home of the ‘brave’. This behaviour makes the spirit world/ higher realms/ afterlife rather too conveniently like this world, driven by the evils of self interest and market forces.

In total contrast, the Voice that comes to me is triggered by some event in the world - not by the presence of paying consumers - or some occurrence in our personal lives.

On this site, I will give some examples of the Signs that have come to us from God over the past two decades. For that is the only explanation for the coherent inter-connectedness of the four major disasters explored on this site.

Our basic concept is that meaningful coincidence is a modern form of hieroglyphics – a new sacred writing. Disasters are the cartouches of this language, this lingua pura, and the Rosetta Stone is the destruction of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre on 11th September 2001.  To understand the signs, you must perforce learn to read. Think of this site as equivalent to an early Latin primer. There is far more detail in the signs than is given here.

Also given on this site are a few more recent examples of striking coincidences which are meaningful indeed. So often the meaningful coincidences serve to authenticate the words that sometimes come directly into my mind. I put it this way because it is impossible to find any other explanation for so many incredible coincidences other than that they have been specifically orchestrated.

For more examples of meaningful coincidence, prophecy and destiny see our main site  Light Eternal Publishing   and the later site The Airbus Codes.  Is it just chance that so many of the coincidences discussed on these various sites relate to God, to death, to choirs, churches, cathedrals or hymns? Or is it because meaningful coincidence really is one of the languages in which God chooses to communicate with us?

For much more evidence of inspiration with respect to a current best-selling author, Dan Brown, go to our  da Vinci Code site to see the strange parallels between his fictional Da Vinci Codes and the real Alpha and Omega Codes. A more recent instance is discussed on this site at
At Rosslyn Chapel, If You Are Worth It.

More examples of the curious interlinking with his earlier and better book Angels and Demons are given on this site at Diagrams of Truth. The derivation of The Diagrams of Truth will be found at Fragments of an Outer Mind. That is the best starting point to understand the purpose of this site.

Endnote:  On Advent Sunday, as I did my first edit of this Home Page since August 2006, when I had originally begun to work on a Voice of God site, I noticed for the first time another significant coincidence. I noticed for the first time the date of the Methodist Hymnal in which I had found the version of Come ye Thankful People Come, the hymn which I had used on this page. 1911 is significant indeed. As first conceived by me, this site was intended to also discuss many odd connections linking to Israel’s vicious attack on Lebanon. That was in August 2006. Work on this site stopped not long after the Lebanon War ended. The inspiration led me in another direction, to enable me to fully  understand the interconnected  coherence of  9-11.

So on 10th October, I began to write what I intended as a brief summary paper. I called it Crede Signo. It was originally about a dozen pages. But the ideas flooded in. Crede Signo, Discerning Patterns in Destiny developed over the next month, in time evolving into the book Fragments of an Outer Mind. The emphasis on 9-11 became evident as I worked on The Four Jigsaws. Only now do I see the link of 1911 in that Methodist Hymnbook. That book was part of the confirmation that we should sing in that choir. Another part was the church organ, one of the best examples of the Voice of God to be found in a New Zealand church. Finally, think on that sequence 1911, for 1,911 is another indicator of the message from the One of 911. (10.41.00 am Advent Sunday 2006).

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But the link to the Prince of Wales is still most certainly valid. For his demise is tied so closely with the ultimate technological disaster for America.

03/12/2006 23:15:10

Fragments of an Outer Mind explains more.

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